ACLED works with a unique network of international and local partners around the world. Check the pages below for more information on the different types of ACLED partner organizations, where they are active, and how they contribute to the dataset.

Local Data Collection Partners

ACLED partners with local organizations to collect information in hard-to-access contexts and integrate thematic, regional, and country-level expertise into our data collection program. Partners benefit from ACLED training in data management and analysis — building local monitoring capacity and enhancing our global crisis-mapping network.

Strategic Partners

ACLED enters into strategic partnerships in order to expand our collaboration with mission-aligned organizations. These partnerships improve ACLED’s connection with the work of our key users around the world and provide opportunities for our partners to contribute to the continued sustainability of the project.

If you are an organization collecting information on political violence and protest activity and are interested in partnering with ACLED, please reach out to us at [email protected]