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Week of 22 Apr 23*

Data cover the period of 22 Apr 23 - 28 Apr 23. For more information about how ACLED collects data and categorizes events, see the ACLED Codebook.

ACLED data updates are paused for the second and third weeks of May 2023.

Political Violence Events: 71

-13% from previous week

Demonstration Events: 12

+92% from previous week

Event Types:

Battles: 55 Events

Explosions/Remote Violence: 5 Events

Violence Against Civilians: 10 Events

Mob Violence: 1 Event

Protests: 12 Events

Violent Demonstrations: 0 Events

As Sudan continues to grapple with the fall-out from the 2021 coup, the country faces heightened insecurity and rising demonstration activity. Find all Sudan data and resources below, including regular monthly updates as part of ACLED’s special Horn of Africa analysis series.

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Our weekly analysis briefs break down the latest data on political violence and protest trends, highlighting potential early warning signs for closer monitoring.

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